Smart Stadiums


Dignia delivers world-class Smart Stadium security, venue control and club management solutions. Our Smart Stadium solutions protect stadium facilities and visitors against potential threats, and ensure effective crowd management and control. Dignia solutions also include automated maintenance, built-in access control systems and enhanced stadium operation and management systems.



Dignia Smart Stadium solutions are equipped with a full suite of FortressGB venue control and event management applications. Dignia enables stadium operators to:

  • Automate Stadium Operations:  Deploy fully automated ticket control, validation and payment solutions to ensure authorized entry to stadium facilities, speed up crowd access, and increase revenue at point-of-sale ticket booths.
  • Manage Event and Marketing Campaigns: Initiate event-driven marketing and big-screen advertising campaigns to boost sales of merchandise and special offers.
  • Generate Customer Analytics: Identify customer purchasing trends such as ticketing purchases, use of concessions and sale of merchandise.
  • Create an Engaging Customer Experience: Strengthen customer loyalty via membership programs and reward campaigns.


Dignia meets the needs of modern sports stadiums. Our Smart Stadium technology includes solutions for:

  • CCTV Surveillance: Monitor and record crowd behavior for all secure zones and public areas. Detect unauthorized intruders, parking violations and vandalism during and after public events.
  • Video Analytics Track suspicious behaviour, detect unattended baggage, and identify known offenders with Dignia video analytics and face recognition technology.
  • Access Control: Ensure effective line flow control and restrict access to secure areas with smart membership cards and ticketing machines. Access control devices also include personal and vehicle matriculation license plate scanners.
  • Sensors and Alarms: Integrate stadium fire alarms, motion detection sensors, emergency alerts, and panic buttons.
  • Eco-Maintenance: Reduce energy and operation costs of stadium facilities with automated maintenance, inspection, and asset tracking systems.



Our value proposition to stadium operators is simple and clear:

  • Optimize Crowd Management: Deploy automated ticketing ticket control, validation and payments to speed up crowd access, and increase revenue at point-of-sale ticket booths
  • Minimize Legal Liabilities: Prevent damage to stadium property and reduce legal liability risks due to inadequate preparation or failure to take appropriate action.
  • Comply with International Standards: Comply with requirements of international sports organizations such as FIFA, UEFA and the English Football Association. FortressGB systems are deployed in over 120 world-class stadiums and operate in 16 countries through Europe, South Africa, and North America.
  • Reduce Operational Costs: Automate routine and event-day stadium activities to reduce manpower and overhead costs, control utility costs and eliminate stadium operation inefficiencies.
  • Generate New Revenue Streams: Utilize a broad range of club management and venue control services to increase revenue through membership plans, loyalty programs e-wallet transactions and improved customer service.




Dignia specializes in delivery of complex large scale projects. We developed TITAS, a strong and practical project management methodology to make sure you get the best technology, on time and within budget. Our TITAS methodology covers each aspect of your stadium including Technology, Integration, Training, Assimilation and Support.

Our TITAS methodology covers each aspect of Forensic Laboratories  project:



Dignia delivers reliable, high performance Smart Stadium technology based on field proven equipment from leading manufacturers and suppliers. Dignia ensures that you get the maximum value from your Smart Stadium technology investment.



Dignia ensures seamless integration of your Smart Stadium technology with existing back-office applications and systems.



Dignia provides professional on-site training and specialized consultancy services to ensure smooth running of all Smart Stadium systems. Our training programs include high quality on-the-job workshops delivered by expert professionals.



Dignia solutions improve readiness of stadium facilities for large-scale events and support a wide range of daily operation and maintenance activities.



Dignia Smart Stadium solutions are backed by a comprehensive technical and logistics support plan. Our global reach and local presence ensures you get long-term support for your system including spare parts, tools, version updates, and on-going maintenance.

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