Dignia Plasma
Dignia is a global leader and trusted provider of Security and Defence solutions. Our customers include military and internal security organizations, intelligence and law enforcement agenices worldwide.

Dignia specializes in complex large scale,
turn-key projects. Our success is based on
TITAS, a proprietary, customer-focused
project implementation methodology
that covers each stage of your project:
Technology; Integration; Training; Assimilation and Support.
Dignia is a one-stop-shop for all your operational needs. We deliver a wide range of Dignia-made products together with reliable, high performance equipment from leading manufacturers and suppliers.
Dignia creates a unified operational platform with seamless integration to all mission-critical systems. The Dignia Command and Control Center expands your capabilities for all military, security or intelligence needs
Dignia offers on-site technical training programs for system operators and technicians. Dignia also provides advanced “special missions” training for elite military, security and counter-terrorist units. Dignia training services include expert instructors, computer-based training (CBT), simulators and high quality learning materials.
Dignia solutions enhance cross-organizational collaboration and information sharing, deployment of efficient operational procedures and effective utilization of existing systems and infrastructure.
Dignia solutions include built-in support infrastructure and on-going technical and logistics support. Our global reach and local presence ensures long term support for your system including spare parts, tools, version updates and ongoing maintenance.