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The Dignia Command and Control Center enables homeland security and law enforcement agencies to identify threats to public security and critical infrastructure. Dignia solutions include a wide range of mission-critical tools and applications to increase situation awareness and enable field units to deliver a real-time response for any security incident. With over 25 years experience in the security industry, Dignia brings field proven technology, backed by professional expertise and “real-world know-how” to increase personal safety and public security.
command and control



Dignia specializes in delivery of complex large scale projects. We developed TITAS, a strong and practical project management methodology to make sure you get the best technology, on time and within budget. Our TITAS methodology covers each aspect of your stadium including Technology, Integration, Training, Assimilation and Support.

Our TITAS methodology covers each aspect of Forensic Laboratories  project:



Dignia solutions are based on reliable, high performance technology and equipment from leading manufacturers and suppliers. Our Command and Control capbilities include:

  • Operator Workstations: Fully equipped, ergonomic working environment including powerful PC units, flat-panel touch screens, spacious desktops and secure storage areas.
  • Emergency Call Recording: Record, play and store all incoming emergency calls, monitor incident status and prioritize operational procedures.
  • Incident Management: Ensure a fast response with automatic field unit notifications, event-driven rules, and built-in operational workflows for routine and emergency events.
  • Target Monitoring: Intercept fixed and mobile communication devices for known targets and suspects.
  • Location Tracking: Perform real-time tracking of targets based on accurate location data and 3D map display.
  • Sensors and Devices: Connect to intrusion detection devices, panic buttons, noise detectors, and real-time GPS location tracking devices.
  • Real Time Communication: Access and disseminate mission critical data to all field units first responders including police, fire, rescue and medical emergency units.
  • Evidence Presentation: Extract information from all database sources for After Action Review and evidence presentation in court.



Dignia creates a unified operational Command and Control platform to ensure complete integration of all available assets including voice, video and data sources. Dignia also ensures seamless interoperability with existing legacy and third party applications, data repositories, sensors and peripheral devices.




Dignia delivers expert training to ensure the operational readiness of for law enforcement and homeland security units. Trainees gain knowledge and skills to operate system applications, evaluate risks and respond effectively to eliminate threats and resolve emergency situations. Our training programs include classroom workshops, practical activity drills, simulation of emergency situations, and on the job training for daily routine operations or crisis situations.




The Dignia Control center enables homeland security and law enforcement agencies to deliver a fast response to threats and emergency situations. Our event-driven incident management applications increase situation awareness, provide real-time communication with first responder field units, and include seamless information sharing tools to enhance inter-agency collaboration, coordination and decision-making.




Dignia supports the full operational life cycle of technology investment. From system design and development, to integration, training and assimilation, we are with you every step of the way. Dignia also delivers full maintenance and technical support services based on applicable industry standards and regulations.

command and control


The Dignia Command and Control Center enables first responders, homeland security, and law enforcement agencies to deliver an immediate response to threats on public. The key benefits of the solution are:

  • Fast incident detection.
  • Increased situation awareness.
  • Collaborative event management.
  • Effective response and event resolution.
  • Integrating innovative solutions on production systems.