Dignia About



We deliver mission-critical technology and operational expertise to safeguard national security, increase public safety and protect critical infrastructure.


Dignia brings together world-class military and security experts to address every aspect of your operational needs. Many of our experts are high ranking officers with vast operational experience in air, land and sea combat. Dignia intelligence and security experts are valued advisors to governments and major security forums worlwide.


Dignia offers scalable, tailored solutions to meet your operational needs and budget. Dignia makes sure you achieve your objectives, and helps your organization to keep pace with technology innovation and evolving security and intelligence threats.


Dignia supports the full operational life cycle of any project. From system design and development, to integration, training and assimilation, we are with you every step of the way. Dignia trains and prepares your personnel and delivers full maintenance and technical support services based on recognised international standards.


  • Customized solutions for military, security and intelligence purposes.
  • Reliable, high performance systems and equipment.
  • Seamless integration to all mission – critical systems.
  • Comprehensive project life cycle support.
  • Access to world-class military and security experts.
  • Professional, high quality training programs.
  • Creative financing and flexible payment terms.



Dignia holds a large variety of products such as: Safe city, border control, prison security solutions, forensic laboratories, critical infrastructure etc..

DIGNIA at a Glance
Dignia is a global leader and trusted provider of Security and Defence solutions. Our customers include military and internal security organizations, intelligence and law enforcement agencies worldwide. With over 25 years of experience, we bring reliable field-proven technology, backed by professional expertise and “real world know-how” to any large scale government project.