Forensic laboratories



Dignia Forensic Laboratories enable law enforcement agencies to investigate crime scenes, identify criminals, solve crimes, and produce forensic evidence for use in a court of law. With over 25 years of global experience, Dignia is a leading provider of Defence, Security and Intelligence solutions based on field-proven technology, professional expertise and “real world know-how” in forensic investigation.

Our TITAS methodology covers each aspect of Forensic Laboratories  project:



Dignia Forensic Laboratories include full investigation facilities and services:

Fingerprints: Development of latent fingerprints based on chemical, physical, and optical techniques. All results are stored in an “Automated Fingerprint Identification System” (AFIS) database for fast electronic identification, search and distribution.

Firearm Ballistics: Analysis of spent cartridges, bullets, and firearms in shooting related crimes and comparison of microscopic, digital computer images based on data stored in the Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS).

DNA and Forensic Biology: Streamlines DNA isolation, quantification, and determination procedures to minimize human error, reduce contamination, and increase data integrity and traceability.

Questioned Documents: Verification of authenticity of traditional and digital documents including handwriting comparison.

Crime Scene Investigation: Crime scene documentation, recovery and collection of physical objects and trace evidence based on recognized forensic guidelines and methods.

Forensic Chemistry: Provision of laboratory equipment, tools and forensic techniques for detection and identification of chemical materials and substances such as drugs, explosives, body fluids and poisons, based on approved legal and scientific methods.



Dignia creates a regulated working environment to support all kinds of forensic investigation activity. This environment combines the various labs and their specific needs together with comprehensive infrastructure solutions including communication systems, laboratory utilities, furniture, security etc. Our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) enables multi-disciplinary analysis, activity tracking, resource planning and data exchange to ensure production of accurate and verifiable forensic results and reports.



Dignia offers a wide range of training programs for law enforcement professionals, forensic investigators and laboratory technicians. Trainees gain expert knowledge and high level on-the-job skills to perform any type of forensic investigation, such as crime scene investigation, Forensic Biology, Chemistry and other related scientific and technological disciplines. Our training instructors include world-class specialists with extensive experience in forensic and criminal investigations.



Dignia supports the complete forensic life cycle from crime scene investigation, to laboratory analysis and preparation of expert opinions for use in a court of law. All cross-organizational processes are fully coordinated to ensure the legal and scientific validity of forensic data.



Dignia forensic laboratories include built-in technical and logistics support to ensure continual, long term operation and management of all forensic investigation activities. Our technical support services include fast response times, high quality maintenance of laboratory equipment and door-to-door delivery of consumables.

forensic laboratories


  • Production of accurate, unbiased, scientifically objective data.
  • Integrated approach to the evaluation of case material.
  • Direct access to consolidated forensic data.
  • Expert training by world-class forensic professionals.
  • Fast, long term operational support.