Safe city



Dignia Safe City solutions enable municipal authorities, emergency services and law enforcement agencies to reduce crime, urban violence and terror threats. Dignia Safe City solutions also help police, first responders and municipal authorities to secure crowd control at sport events, demonstrations, concerts, festivals and street carnivals. With over 25 years experience Dignia brings reliable, field-proven technology backed by professional expertise and “real world know-how” to create a safer urban environment and increase personal safety and public security.


Our TITAS methodology covers each aspect of Safe City project :



Our Safe City technology includes:

Video Surveillance: Monitoring of public areas 24/7 with network-based video cameras. Includes all types of electro-optical day and night vision devices, incorporating License Pate Recognition (LPR) and video-based content analytics.

Alarms and Sensors: Supports fire alarms, panic buttons, shot detectors, seismic devices and real-time GPS location tracking devices. Emergency Call Center: Recording, playback and archiving of incoming calls, monitoring of incident status and prioritization of emergency procedures.

Incident Management: Real-time communication with “first responders” including police, fire, rescue and medical emergency units. Dignia incident management applications include predefined mission-critical workflows, and seamless information sharing and collaboration tools.

Command & Control Center: Fully equipped situation management facilities to ensure operational readiness, increase responsiveness and streamline incident management activites.



Dignia creates a unified operational platform with seamless integration to all mission-critical urban networks: video surveillance cameras, security sensors and alarms, emergency call centre, incident management and urban public infrastructure systems. The Dignia Command and Control Center consolidates mass data from any source or network to enhance situation awareness and improve decision making processes.



Dignia delivers expert training for law enforcement agencies, municipal “first responder” units and Safe City system operators. Trainees gain knowledge and skills to operate and maintain all systems, evaluate threats, mitigate risks and restore city operations back to normal. Our training programs include classroom workshops, practical activity drills, simulation of emergency situations and on-the-job training for all daily operations and crisis situations.



Dignia brings world class experts and “real world know-how” to your Safe City project. Dignia improves cross-organizational collaboration between law enforcement, emergency services and municipal officials to ensure an effective response by field units, and efficient utilization of city services, public transport and municipal infrastructure.



Dignia Safe City solutions include built-in technical and logistics support to ensure smooth, long term operation and a safer urban community. The Dignia open architecture platform is flexible and scalable; it enables municipalities to adapt to evolving growth, complexity and needs.


Dignia Safe City solutions enable city “first responders” to deliver an immediate response to threats on public security and can be tailored to meet the needs of any urban environment.

  • Safer Urban Environment: Detect potential terror threats and risks to commercial centres, public transportation and municipal infrastructure.
  • Increased Personal Safety and Public Security: Reduce crime, violence and vandalism.
  • Enhanced Situation Awareness: Ensure fast incident detection and immediate transition to “crisis management” mode. Collaborative Event Management: Create efficient cross-organizational workflow and management of daily operations.
  • Effective Resolution of Events: Coordinate “first responder” field units and rescue operations to ensure an effective response to any emergency situation.