Law Enforcement Solutions


Dignia Law Enforcement solutions help governments to reduce urban violence, fight organized crime, and prevent threats to internal security. With over 25 years experience, Dignia brings professional expertise, field proven technology and “real world know-how” to build and maintain any type of police or law enforcement organization.
law enforcement solutions



Dignia specializes in delivery of complex large scale, turnkey projects. We developed TITAS, a strong, practical and proprietary project implementation methodology to make sure you get the best technology, on time and within budget. Our TITAS methodology covers each aspect of your project including Technology, Integration, Training, Assimilation, and Support.



Dignia brings field proven technology to support all types of law enforcement activities

Technology and Systems include:

  • Policing: Dignia supports both routine and emergency police operations. Our technology solutions include emergency call centers, dispatch systems and mobile access to real-time data such as driver information, car registration and biometric identification data.
  • Surveillance: Dignia designs and builds multi-purpose surveillance vehicles with built-in video and audio recording systems to support undercover monitoring and tracking activities.
  • Investigation: Dignia develops custom solutions for crime scene investigation, case management, postinvestigation analysis and evidence preparation.
  • Intelligence: Dignia offers active and passive lawful interception solutions including data collection, monitoring and analysis capabilities for both fixed and mobile devices.
  • Forensics: Dignia delivers complete forensic facilities and services from crime scene investigation, full laboratories array and evidence preparation for use in court.



Dignia ensures smooth integration of all law enforcement systems including emergency call centers, mobile dispatch devices, GIS location, case investigation, intelligence, and forensics applications. The Dignia unified platform enhances information sharing and inter-agency collaboration to unify law enforcement activities at all levels.




Dignia offers a wide range of professional training programs led by world-class law enforcement specialists. Our training programs include:

  • Police Officers Academy: Officer cadets undergo a rigorous training program that teaches advanced investigation methods to help fight against serious crime and terror, use incident management procedures and technologies, crisis management techniques and effective interagency collaboration.
  • Crime Scene Investigation: Trainees gain practical skills in crime scene investigation including collection, documentation, and analysis of both physical and witness evidence.
  • Criminal Intelligence: Intelligence professionals and analysts gain effective practical skills based on best practices, methods and technologies used by major Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and prime intelligence organizations.
  • Forensic Science Investigation: Trainees gain expert knowledge and high-level on-the-job skills to perform any type of forensic investigation, such as Forensic Biology, Chemistry, Ballistics and other related scientific and technological disciplines.
  • Special Units Training: Dignia offers specialist workshops and training programs for anti-terror and special operation units. Our cadre of experts has “real-world experience in hostage negotiation, bomb disposal, riot control, sharp-shooter training, and canine handling. Dignia also organizes additional workshops to meet evolving operational needs and requirements.




Dignia builds strong, disciplined law enforcement organizations. Police officers, crime investigators and special ops personnel are well trained and equipped to fight crime,
protect public order and maintain internal security.




Dignia delivers ongoing technical and logistics support to ensure the operational readiness of law enforcement organizations. Our support services include maintenance of all police equipment, vehicles, firearms and communication devices as well as technical support for investigation and intelligence applications and workstations.



  • Turnkey, customer-focused solutions.
  • Full suite of investigation and intelligence systems.
  • Seamless integration of all mission critical systems.
  • Enhance inter-agency information sharing and collaboration.
  • High quality on-site maintenance services.
  • Expert professional training programs.