Border control


Since early history securing a homeland and safe-guarding borders has been a time-honored challenge for all nations. Smuggling, forced intrusion, acts of terror and illegal immigration are just a few of the problems nations are facing along their borders. The challenge is to adopt a cost-effective solution that targets the specific threats of the country.


DIGNIA applies a precise solution combining Technology, Integration, Training, Assimilation and Support (TITAS) as the optimal way to protect a country’s sovereignty and thus applies its TITAS Methodology to implement a comprehensive Land and Coastal Border Control Solution.



DIGNIA provides a “one-stop-shop” with a wide variety of cutting-edge products to suit country’s relevant threats, border topography, existing infrastructure and budget.

Technology and Systems include:

Sensors – Electro-Optical Day & Night Cameras, Radars, Seismic Equipment

Observation Systems – Ground, Fixed and Mobile Systems, Aerial Platforms (UAV/Patrol Aircraft), Balloons

Physical Barriers – Electronic Fences, Barricades

Cross Points Equipment – Personal and Vehicle Scanners, Metal Detectors, Explosive and Drugs Detectors, Identity Checks, License Plate Readers

Patrol Vehicles and Patrol Boats – Manned and Unmanned Systems

Communication – Radio, Fiber-Optic, SDN and Secured Satellite Communication

Maintenance Facilities



DIGNIA’s solutions incorporate a variety of technological systems combining some of our core technology with technologies made by third parties, all to form one homogenous system. This enables continuous work flow and smooth diversion from regular peace keeping activity to emergency events management and threat handling.



DIGNIA conducts highly professional training programs for diverse levels and specialization areas within the scope of a border security solution. DIGNIA experts deliver profound know-how in border control worldwide and instruct local teams in Technical equipment operation, operational & intelligence courses, command & control and maintenance.



DIGNIA’s proven track record in the field of border security projects is due to its assimilation of critical elements and usage of key players in preventing the entry and monitoring the exit, of criminals, terrorists and illegal immigrants and goods. DIGNIA’s border control systems deliver and coordinate online data with the relevant law enforcements, security and customs organizations.



The success of a complex project is determined by long-term logistic and operational support. Maintenance infrastructure is an integral component of DIGNIA’s border control support services. DIGNIA ensures continuous onsite support backed by supply and spare parts together with the necessary know-how to guarantee Life Cycle Support.


  • Turn-key, customer-focused solution
  • State-of-the-Art Systems and Technologies
  • Seamless Integration
  • Unique Command and Control Capabilities
  • Onsite Implementation and Training
  • Maintenance Infrastructure and Life Cycle Support
  • Field-proven system, adapted to comply with country’s regulations and interface with all authoritie



  • Monitor & Prevention of illegal immigration, smuggling, drug trafficking, illegal fishing,  illegal logging/mining, criminal activities and terrorism,
  • Land or sea frontiers monitoring systems
  • Real-time, on line data analysis and distribution
  • Formation of highly trained and equipped reaction forces
  • Intelligence driven processes